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MOVA, a pioneering PropTech platform, utilizes cutting-edge technologies including AI-driven virtual agents, Transformer-based deep learning, natural language processing, and federated learning models to ensure data privacy and compliance. Our platform provides seamless property search, streamlined B2B verification, simplified KYC processes, and efficient property and ESG management solutions.

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Our Background

We didn't just stumble upon the idea of MOVA. Our story is about two visionaries who saw an opportunity to revolutionise an industry, and they dared to pursue it. Our timeline traces our path of steady growth and the milestones we have reached. Join us as we revisit this remarkable journey

April 2023

A moment of pride. MOVA shines in the industry by winning two prestigious awards: The Big Data 4 Business Challenge 2023 (Best Solution for MetaTech for Imagination) and the Hong Kong Fintech Impetus Award (Credit Digitalisation – Risk Management).

December 2021

A pivotal moment. MOVA secures its first Angel Funding of USD 1mn from a single-family office. This accelerates the development of our innovative platform.

April 2022

A new partnership begins. Mr. Kevin Barton, a seasoned startup veteran in PropTech SaaS, joins the MOVA family as CTO & Co-founder.

February 2021

The genesis of MOVA. Vincent Ballack extends an invitation to Raphael Lo to co-found MOVA, driven by the potential they see in the underdeveloped property portal market.

Our ESG Values

At MOVA, we are committed to creating an innovative platform that not only revolutionises the property market but also serves as a benchmark for ESG practices.

Zero-Cost Listing

Imagine you're an estate agent aiming to reach a broad market but without the extra financial burden. MOVA presents the perfect opportunity, offering free property listings with zero hidden costs. More exposure, less expenditure - an ideal business equation.

AI-driven Matching

Put yourself in the shoes of a user seeking the ideal property. MOVA's cutting-edge AI technology delivers a seamless search journey, aligning your listing with the most suitable potential clients. The result? Increased likelihood of successful transactions.

Advance Analytics

MOVAI employs advanced ESG data analytics, focusing on energy usage and demographics, empowering stakeholders with sustainable management strategies. We facilitate inclusive developments, ensuring regulatory compliance and aligning property ventures with global environmental standards and societal values.

Worldwide Reach

Picture your property gaining global visibility. Thanks to MOVA's expansive network and global partnerships, your listing can attract potential clients, both locally and internationally. Your perfect match could be anywhere in the world!

Effortless Listing

Envision a platform where creating detailed property listings is a breeze. MOVA's user-friendly interface offers seamless integration with major property listing CRMs. One click is all it takes to introduce your properties to MOVA's digital ecosystem.


Visit our company award page to celebrate our team's achievements and milestones. From accolades for innovation to outstanding customer service, discover how we're setting the standard and delivering exceptional results. Explore our award-winning journey today.

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MOVA Calling all forward-thinkers and Proptech enthusiasts! Join our innovative property technology platform and be part of a dynamic team in MOVA to shape the future of real estate. Embrace cutting-edge solutions, collaborate with industry experts, and unleash your potential with us. Apply now and revolutionize the property landscape.

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We promote changes - not react to changes. We focus on people - not the procedures.

Vincent Ballack CEO & CO-FOUNDER


Our Partners

MOVA now integrates with top UK property CRM systems, enabling effortless listing management and streamlined operations for estate agents like you. If you use these CRM systems, MOVA will seamlessly connect to your setup. Sign up on MOVA to unlock our platform's full potential and enjoy free listings opportunity. Our support team is ready to assist you. Experience the power of MOVA's AI-powered digital solution and wide range of CRM integration for property management.

Still Have Questions?

  • Just what is MOVAI?

    MOVAI is your personal AI companion in the property market. It's an advanced, smart virtual assistant that's always ready to give you a hand with all things property - whether that's hunting down the perfect home, working out the best price, sorting through the paperwork or connecting you with top-notch service providers. MOVAI's here to make the often complex world of property straightforward and easy.

  • So, how does MOVAI actually work?

    Imagine having a personal property expert that's learned from thousands of transactions and user interactions. That's MOVAI for you. It chats with you, gets to know your needs, preferences and budget, then goes to work - sourcing properties, making smart comparisons, and even guiding you through the transaction process. Plus, it's a dab hand at paperwork, leaving you more time for the things you love.

  • How can I get the most out of MOVAI?

    To get the most out of MOVAI, take the time to interact with it. The more it knows about your property preferences, lifestyle, and budget, the better it can assist you. Don't hesitate to make full use of its features - from property search, information search, valuation, to transaction assistance and more. And remember, our customer support team is always ready to help you navigate and make the most of MOVAI's capabilities.

  • How often does MOVAI its property data?

    MOVAI is designed to provide you with the most timely information available. Property listings are updated in real-time to ensure you always have the most recent listings to browse. Other data types are updated as quickly as possible, based on their respective sources. Rest assured, MOVAI is committed to giving you reliable and up-to-date information to help guide your property decisions.

  • How accurate is MOVAI's property valuation?

    Precision is MOVAI's middle name. It uses a sophisticated AI model trained on a vast amount of data, ensuring it provides accurate and up-to-date property valuations.

  • How does MOVAI ensure ethical AI usage and protect my privacy?

    We take your privacy and the ethical use of AI very seriously at MOVAI. Your data is used solely to provide you with a better experience, and we've got stringent security measures in place to keep it safe. We adhere to top-tier privacy standards and have a solid policy in place to protect your data.

  • Can I use MOVAI on different devices?

    Absolutely, yes! MOVAI is designed to be used on the go, wherever you are. Whether you're at home on your computer or out and about with your smartphone, you can access MOVAI anytime, anywhere.

  • What if I need help while using MOVAI?

    Don't worry, we've got your back. We have a dedicated support team ready to assist you with any queries. Plus, MOVAI's intuitive design makes it super easy to use from the get-go.

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