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Embrace the power of MOVA, a ground-breaking real estate platform, underpinned by pioneering AI technologies, reshaping how properties are showcased, found, and transacted.

Free listings, no estate agent fees, absolutely hidden costs.Intending to sell or let your property? With MOVA, you can significantly enhance your property's exposure and simplify the entire process of selling or letting. Experience the futuristic advantages, inclusive of cost-free listing, when you partner with MOVA today.

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Zero-Cost Listing

Imagine you're an estate agent aiming to reach a broad market but without the extra financial burden. MOVA presents the perfect opportunity, offering free property listings with zero hidden costs. More exposure, less expenditure - an ideal business equation.

AI-driven Matching

Put yourself in the shoes of a user seeking the ideal property. MOVA's cutting-edge AI technology delivers a seamless search journey, aligning your listing with the most suitable potential clients. The result? Increased likelihood of successful transactions.

Effortless Listing

Envision a platform where creating detailed property listings is a breeze. MOVA's user-friendly interface offers seamless integration with major property listing CRMs. One click is all it takes to introduce your properties to MOVA’s digital ecosystem.

Intelligent Services Advisory

MOVAI conducts intricate market analyses and property valuations in real-time. By amalgamating current market trends, historical data, and detailed property insights, MOVAI presents vendors with precise valuations and strategic market positioning.

Worldwide Reach

Picture your property gaining global visibility. Thanks to MOVA's expansive network and global partnerships, your listing can attract potential clients, both locally and internationally. Your perfect match could be anywhere in the world!

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Your listings will make an instant splash on the MOVA platform, or within a few days at most. And guess what? You can easily keep an eye on their performance through our user-friendly MOVA portal.

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Discover the future of property solution with MOVA. Join our platform, harnessing the power of ethical AI technology. MOVA offers personalized AI advisory services and advanced algorithms analyze data for tailored recommendations, making your experience seamless and efficient.

We prioritize users' data privacy, employing cutting-edge security measures to safeguard personal information. Unlock new possibilities, streamline processes, and receive expert guidance while protecting your privacy. Join MOVA today.


Our Partners

MOVA now integrates with top UK property CRM systems, enabling effortless listing management and streamlined operations for estate agents like you. If you use these CRM systems, MOVA will seamlessly connect to your setup. Sign up on MOVA to unlock our platform's full potential and enjoy free listings opportunity. Our support team is ready to assist you. Experience the power of MOVA's AI-powered digital solution and wide range of CRM integration for property management.